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 Singles, Lyrics, Recording Tips

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PostSubject: Singles, Lyrics, Recording Tips   Singles, Lyrics, Recording Tips I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2016 11:24 am

Each single will have two songs (the first will have 3). You must post on the forum that you would like to be in whatever song(s) you want. I WILL NOT ASSUME THAT YOU WANT IN A SONG! You have 5 days to sign-up for a single before lyrics are posted. A song title that is bolder and green is a required song, meaning to be in the single you MUST be in that song! Some songs may have a member limit. In this case, I will choose who gets in after sign-up close!! Each single will be given 3 weeks to record and turn in lines and 5 days to complete mixing!

Special and other Singles:
Every once in a while I will post a thread about special singles, Lives, or albums. Please do not post a thread in this area. Anyone may sign-up in these treads~

How singles will be decided:
The first single, I will choose 3 songs for each group. After that there will be a suggestion thread where you will suggest a few songs each. Right down all of them and put it into a random list generator (Random.org) the top 5 will be chosen for the vote!! Medley Singles are an option, but members must discuss this during the suggestion period! If a Medley is decided, I will pt the suggestion list into the random generator, the first song will be the A-side and the other four will be turned into a medley for the B-side :3


All lyrics will be custom color coded. What is assigned, is assigned. No complaining. (unless of course you have difficulty singing a line.) I you have a line that other laps with another one of your lines, DO NOT HAVE THESE IN THE SAME RECORDING!! make one a separate recording to hand in! All lyrics will be posted on our lyrics site!

How To record:
when recording, use headphones to listen to the music while recording or have the music turned down lower please. That way the actual song does not interfere with your recording. Sing a few inches away from the mic so you do not top out. Please send all lines in in MP3 format and labeled as

Group Name, Song Title, Nickname

That way lines are easy to sort!

Please make sure your lines are IN TIME WITH THE SONG!!! That way while mixing, I won't have to do much adjusting to line your parts up with the instrumental & other member's lines! I suggest you download Audacity, it will make recording and editing your lines much easier!
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Singles, Lyrics, Recording Tips
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