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 General and Forum Rules

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General and Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: General and Forum Rules   General and Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2016 11:20 am

General Rules:
01. Have a good mic.
02. No Topping out
03. Try to sing on pitch
04. Practice! Don’t just mumble during recordings I Will ask you to rerecord lines!
05. Be Supportive of other members
06. Communicate with me if you have issues
07. Communicate with me if you cannot make a deadline
08. Sing with your own style
09. Try your best
10. Promote our Group!

Forum Rules:

01. Do NOT Insult other members in anyway in PM or Public post. We are here to have fun, not to cat fight with each other. Any misconduct and you will immediately receive a strike or you may be banned depending on what is said. You may report a member to me trough PM ONLY!! please include a screen shot(s) of any misconduct in this PM and I will decide what to do from there.
02. Do NOT Stretch the page unless in the Members Arena. Any stray talk in members or single forums are off topic and you will be asked to move it to the Members Arena. Start a New thread with you topic as the title and the topic starter must quote all relevant post with posters name.
03. You May create as many threads as you would like in the members arena only!
04. Minor foal language is allowed. Please avoid using these words or any form of these words: F*ck, C*nt, or god. These word do not offend me but may offend others.
05. Check your spelling in your posts.
06. Please post threads only in the members Arena's Fun Box. Any thread that is made anywhere else other than by me will be deleted and moved to the Fun Box with all related posts. You will not receive a strike for this, you might just annoy me xD
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General and Forum Rules
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